Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Leadership Team

Dear Finance Association Members,

New year 2010 starts with new zeal. As per last year elections, Lucie will lead the Finance Association for the Second half (Jan 2010 - Jun 2010). Thanks to Ahmed and his visionary ideas for the Academic Year 2009. Luicie, the new president,wish to continue to pursue the vision for the club Ahmed has already established.

New Leadership Team :

CEO & President: Lucie von Scheliha

Controller & VP Finance: Ashok Shivarudraiah

Treasurer & VP Finance: Aminta Jansong

CCO & VP Communications: Jayant Thomas

CIO & VP Communications: Rajasekar Rajendran & Jayant Thomas

COO & VP Events: Rajasekar Rajendran

Portfolio Manager: Wayne Zhong

Thanks to Ahmed Aly. Congratulations to Jayant Thomas & Wayne Zhong to join the Leadership Team.

BAFA Leadership Team


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