Friday, January 8, 2010

Finance Association Ice Cream Social - 2

Finance Association would like to conduct Investment Game Competition in near future. Mr. Wayne Zhong, Portfolio Manager of BAFA, will conduct Mock Investment Portfolio Seminar. He is working as a Registered CSA at Oppenheimer & Co. Wayne led a 4-member team in the CFA portfolio challenge during the fall of 2008 and finished the competition with over a 400% return in less than a 3 month period. It was impressive indeed. Please join the Bay Area Finance Association Ice Cream Social on 30th Jan 2010.

Speaker: Wayne Zhong, Portfolio Manager, BAFA

Topic: Model Investment Portfolio

Date: Saturday Jan 30th

Time: 12.00 Noon – 1.00 P.M

Location: Room 1504. UC Davis, GSM BayArea, San Ramon

Please RSVP as soon as possible.


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