Thursday, July 22, 2010

Investment Game 2010 - Prize Winners

Finance Association proudly announces the recently concluded BAFA - Investment Game 2010 Prize Winners.

In the Highest Return on Investment section, Mr.Suneel Indupuru stood first with 0.58% return. At the end of May 2010 - Euro crisis brought down all the investments of the participants under water except Suneel.

In the Highest Sharpe Ratio section, Ms. Kirby Ung stood first with -0.34 Sharpe Ratio.

BAFA Team Congratulates the winners and wishes better luck for the Investment Game 2010 Participants.

Cash prize $125.00 will be distributed in the next BAFA Speaker / Social event.

The Sharpe ratio tells us whether a portfolio's returns are due to smart investment decisions or a result of excess risk. This measurement is very useful because although one
portfolio or fund can reap higher returns than its peers, it is only a good investment if those higher returns do not come with too much additional risk. The greater a portfolio's
Sharpe ratio, the better its risk-adjusted performance has been. A negative Sharpe ratio indicates that a risk-less asset would perform better than the security being analyzed. 1

1 Investopedia


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